Setting the stage for positive habits and an enriching learning journey

Allowing your toddler to develop new skills through fun, age-appropriate activities

Young little cute Asian baby playing in kid’s gym with her mother and teacher. She is crawling to the top of slider with support from her teacher. Child education and development concept at A Preschool & daycare Serving Armona, CA

Setting the stage for positive habits and an enriching learning journey

Allowing your toddler to develop new skills through fun, age-appropriate activities

toddlers | 2-3 years | Serving Armona, CA

Teacher helping a toddler boy with hand painting at A Preschool & daycare Serving Armona, CA

Caring, Qualified Teachers
To Provide Plenty of
Love and Attention

Our highly-trained teachers are always nearby to give your little one as many cuddles as they receive at home. Our small center allows for a family-feel and means that your toddler will receive plenty of one-on-one attention to support their learning and growth. Our caring environment allows toddlers to feel comfortable, at ease and able to express themselves without judgement.

We Help Your Toddler Build
a Solid Foundation of
Socio-Emotional Skills

Manners and mindfulness come first! Our team of caretakers will set a positive socio-emotional foundation for your toddler by reminding them to say “please” and “thank you” and teaching them the basics of how to interact with others politely. They will learn how to share, care for their peers, take turns, ask for permission and apologize if needed. These skills will set them up with the discipline needed for future interpersonal interaction as they grow up.
Two young little kid boys wearing Lakers jersey at A Preschool & daycare Serving Armona, CA
toddler boy sticking together colored cutout papers making the American Flag at A Preschool & daycare Serving Armona, CA

An Introduction To Enriching,
Expressive Activities

We’ll show your toddler how to express their artistic side through fun dance lessons, sing alongs, painting sessions and more! Our program of enrichment activities allows children to use the magic of music, movement and art to let out their emotions and identify their areas of creative interest.

Our Play-Based Curriculum Encourages Your Child To Learn Through Discovery

What better way to learn about the world than by playing games and letting your imagination run wild? Our tailored curriculum allows your toddler to discover their environment and become comfortable with new skills by engaging in a series of fun, age-appropriate activities designed to help them absorb as much knowledge as possible.
Group of toddlers playing white powder on the table at A Preschool & daycare Serving Armona, CA
Young little girl on a pink bathing suit while holding a barbie beside a plastic pool at A Preschool & daycare Serving Armona, CA

Plenty of Outdoor Play,
Games and Exercise

Your little one will be given endless opportunities to run, jump, climb and play throughout the day thanks to our spacious outdoor recreation areas and a roster of fun-filled, high energy games. We place a strong emphasis on physical development by refining your children’s gross and fine motor skills via each of the outdoor activities we offer. You can be sure that they’ll come home happy and tired after expending all of their excess energy with us!

The Basics of Practical
Life Skills and Self Care

Hygiene and self care start at a young age at BBTLC. Throughout their time with us, your toddler will learn how to wash their hands, use napkins, brush their teeth and comb their hair. They’ll also become familiar with doing basic chores such as cleaning up their play areas and putting away items they’ve used. These practical life skills will promote a sense of responsibility in your child and help them become aware of their own actions.
Cute child boy 2 years old washing dishes in kitchen at A Preschool & daycare Serving Armona, CA
cute little toddler boy wearing red stripes shirt at A Preschool & daycare Serving Armona, CA

All The Childcare Support
You Need To Compliment
Your Busy Schedules

We recognize that parents often require assistance outside of traditional daycare hours, so we offer flexible scheduling to help fill in the gaps. You’ll also receive regular communication about your toddler’s development so that you’re aware of their progress and of what they’ve learned throughout the day. Above all, we are always open to tailoring our program to align with your family goals and ensure that the values we are instilling in your toddler represent your own.

We Place An Emphasis on Kindergarten Readiness

While it might still seem far away, kindergarten is approaching quicker than you may think! To ease the transition when the time comes, we’ll equip your toddler with skills such as holding a pencil, sitting down to pay attention, identifying letters and numbers and becoming familiar with shapes and sizes. We make use of each learning opportunity in the classroom to offer unique educational activities that will increase your little one’s chances for academic success.
Yong little kid boy playing with educational building blocks at a Preschool & Daycare/Childcare Center serving Miami, FL.

parent reviews

Kaitlyn T.
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Loved the staff, my son loved coming to school everyday! Really wish we didn’t have to switch our son to a different school because Building Block is excellent! My son was only there a month but his speech came along so much in the month he was there. Highly recommend to anyone in the area
Mary F.
Read More
The staff are great with the kids! Bilingual teachers which is great for my Brayden since Nana talks to him also in Spanish.
Joanne Tiffany C.
Read More
Great daycare/preschool. Staff is always friendly. The environment is amazing and definitely gets the children stimulated. My son has been going to this school and loves it. He doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day!

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